List of nearest exoplanets

Three super-Earth exoplanets are announced orbiting around the nearby red dwarf Gliese 1061, one of which orbits within the star's habitable zone.

Small low-mass stars are favourable targets for the detection of rocky habitable planets. In particular, planetary systems in the solar neighbourhood are interesting and suitable for precise characterisation. The Red Dots campaigns seek to discover rocky planets orbiting nearby low-mass stars. The 2018 campaign targeted GJ 1061, which is the 20$^{\rm th}$ ne...

Presidency of Jair Bolsonaro

Earlier in the day, over a thousand Indigenous Brazilian women, representing over 100 ethnic groups, march on Brasília after an overnight occupation of the headquarters of the Ministry of Health's Special Secretariat of Indigenous Health. Protestors chanted against the government's recent attempts at municipalization and privatization of the Indigenous health subsystem, and called for stricter environmental regulations.

Indigenous women in Brazil protest against the policies of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.

Presidency of Jair Bolsonaro

Hundreds of thousands of students, schoolteachers and university professors hold demonstrations across Brazil against sweeping cuts in the education budget. Protestors also voice opposition to the government's plan to delegate the administrative and financial management of federal universities and institutes to a privately-held fund.

Brazilian students and teachers are taking part in rallies across the country today (Aug 13) in defense of the autonomy of public universities, and against the reduction in funding for education and the overhaul in the country’s pension system. The demonstrations were called by students’ movements and trade unions.

2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests

U.S. President Donald Trump tweets that U.S. intelligence informed him that China is moving troops to the border with Hong Kong.

2019 Sydney stabbing attack

A man in Sydney, Australia, stabs and kills one person and wounds another. The motive of the suspect, who was arrested at the crime scene, is unknown.

Police link the murder of a woman to a stabbing attack in central Sydney that left another woman in hospital and was only stopped after the alleged offender was whacked with a chair and apprehended by members of the public.

Venezuelan migrant crisis

A new poll from Consultores 21 suggests that at least 4.7 million Venezuelans are living outside of the country, with the range going up to 6 million — 19% of the nation's entire population in 2017.


According to Interfax, the governor of Arkhangelsk Oblast dismisses as "complete nonsense" the advice by authorities in Severodvinsk to residents of Nyonoksa to evacuate on August 14. This follows the accidental explosion on Thursday of what is speculated to be a nuclear-powered missile. Russian nuclear agency Rosatom says the failed test involved a "nuclear isotope power source" for a liquid-propelled rocket engine.

Residents warned of 'planned activities of the military authorities' at site of secretive disaster


Verizon agrees to sell the social networking site Tumblr to Automattic, owner of, for less than $10 million, less than two years after acquiring the site in 2017.

Verizon is selling Tumblr to Automattic

China–United States trade war

The United States Trade Representative announces a delay until December 15 on a significant number of products affected by 10% import tariffs announced on August 1 and set to be imposed in September.

The U.S. dollar jumped against the Japanese yen Tuesday after trade tensions eased between the world's two largest economies.