French inventor Franky Zapata successfully crosses the English Channel on the jet-powered Flyboard Air. The 22-mile (35.4-km) journey took 22 minutes with one refueling stop about halfway to Dover, England.

It was inventor Franky Zapata's second attempt to fly the 22 miles on his jet-powered craft.

2019 Dayton shooting

A mass shooting occurs at a bar in the Oregon Historic District of Dayton, Ohio, United States. Nine people are killed and at least 27 others are injured. The shooter Connor Betts is killed by police.

Police say nine people are dead and at least 16 injured in the second US mass shooting in 24 hours.

2019 Persian Gulf crisis

Iran seizes a foreign tanker, reported to be Iraqi, in the Persian Gulf, according to Iranian state media. The Iranians accuse the tanker of "smuggling fuel for some Arab countries".

State TV reports that the ship was "smuggling fuel for some Arab countries".

2019 Cairo bombing

A car drives into three other cars causing an explosive crash outside the National Cancer Institute Egypt campus in central Cairo, killing 20 people and injuring 47 others. The Interior Ministry says that the car that hit the others contained explosives and was to be used in a terrorist operation. The driver fled the scene before the explosion. The minister accuses the Islamist Hasm Movement of being behind the attack.

Seventeen people have died and 32 have been injured in an explosion outside Egyp...