2020 Bolivian general election

On Thursday (local time) the interim government of Bolivia confirmed that the elections will be held on October 18. Anyone who tries to change the date may face penalties. Opposition parties called to have the elections sooner after the elections earlier this year were postponed because of COVID-19. Protesters have blocked streets and protested calling for the elections to take place sooner, after it was announced in July. The European Union and United Nations support the new election date.

Sanctions on Iran

The United Nations Security Council has resoundingly rejected a United States bid to extend a global arms embargo on Iran. In a Security Council vote, United States only got support from the Dominican Republic for its resolution to indefinitely extend the arms embargo on Iran, leaving it far short of the minimum nine "yes" votes required for adoption. Eleven members on the 15-member body, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom, abstained while Russia and China opposed extending the ban but did not need to use their vetoes.