Offstream aims to be an Open Website. Therefore, access to this website and its API is free, open, unmonitored, unlimited, possible in different formats and licensed under a permissive CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

Offstream news content is based on Wikipedia Current Events Portal and the API is very simple: each HTML page is also available in Markdown, JSON or XML. It's enough to change .html in the URL into an appropriate extension: .md, .json or .xml. Therefore, to access latest news on the front page and read them using JSON, it's enough to query If encryption is necessary, all URLs are also available via HTTPS.

Each page is versioned in Markdown using GitHub. For example, the history of the front page is available here.

API Tree

Exact website file tree is visible on Offstream webstie source code repository on GitHub. However, the most important information is structured as follows:

Source code and data

Each of the repositories below is updated every 2 hours, with timestamps according to UTC.

RSS Feeds

Additionally, two RSS feeds in XML format are available:

Bugs and Issues

The best place to report bugs and issues is via the GitHub Issues of the Public repository.