What is Offstream?

Offstream is a news website based on the information from Wikipedia Current Events Portal (News section), with occasional editorial content (Opinion section). It aims to be an Open Website, meaning access to it and its API is free, open, unmonitored, unlimited, possible in different formats (HTML, XML, JSON and Markdown) and licensed under a permissive CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

Offstream does not use cookies, sessions or local storage. It does not use tracking or analytics. It does not display ads. It does not store access logs. It does not rate-limit access to the website or the API.

Offstream is open source, with code available on GitHub. Each page change and history is stored individually on GitHub. Each page can be accessed securely with SSL or without it, for users who cannot use encryption.

Offstream is created by Veronika Voss.

What kind of news it shows?

Offstream displays current events selected by the Wikipedia Current Events Portal editors. The news items are short and unopinionated. Each item contains links to sources with full stories, usually an outside media organisation. Each item also contains links to related news discovered by Offstream after analysing Wikipedia data. Our News section is maintained by robots.

This website also displays longer opinion editorials, written by different authors. The Opinion section is curated by Veronika, the Executive Editor.

How can I get the news on my phone/tablet/computer?

You can bookmark Offstream, it is updated several times a day. You can subscribe to the RSS feeds: the News feed and the Opinion feed. You can follow Offstream on Twitter: @offstream_news, and select to receive push notifications on latest news tweets (instructions).

Developers can get the news straight from the GitHub repository, in a pretty-printed format. Moreover, they can also get the news directly from Offstream API, in HTML, XML, JSON or Markdown.

Since this project is Open Source, can I help?

Offstream is open to any contribution, of any kind, from anyone. If you want to help, please make contact via GitHub.