A new species of guenon monkey discovered in 2007 is now identified in Opala, DR Congo. Local inhabitants call it "lesula". The first specimen resembled the owl-faced monkey, but of unseen colour. More specimen have been located in a 6,500 square mile area. The species' genetic and anatomical distinctiveness (identification) has been determined in a study made the following three years. Its scientific name is "Cercopithecus lomamiensis". The publication already recommends it to the Red List of endangered species and proposes conservation measures for its Lomami and central Congo Basin habitat.

General election in the Netherlands

Dutch general election of 2012, voters in the Netherlands elect new representation in the House of Representatives. The final prognosis shows 41 (+10) seats for incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte's People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and 40 seats (+10) for PvdA, Diederik Samsom's Labour Party, out of a total 150 seats. Four other parties get between 12 and 15 seats: SP 15 (0), PVV 13 (-11), CDA 13 (-8), and D66 12 (+2) The remainder, 16 seats, are divided among five more parties. The final televised debate is cancelled.