Landslide victory in the December 6 election

Venezuela's National Electoral Council announces the opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) has won at least 99 seats in the 167-member National Assembly in Sunday's elections. The previous-ruling United Social Party of Venezuela (PSUV) picked up 46. Results for 22 contests remain to be determined. Voter turnout was a stunning 74.3 percent. "Within seconds," President Nicolás Maduro recognized the opposition's win, saying that despite (his party's) adverse result, Venezuela's democracy has triumphed.

Supreme Court's

The United States Supreme Court declines ("Friedman v. Highland Park") to review the ability of cities and states to prohibit semiautomatic, high-capacity assault weapons that have been used in some of the nation’s most deadly recent mass shootings. The nationwide assault weapons ban law expired in 2004. Since the "District of Columbia v. Heller" decision in 2008 found the Second Amendment provides the right for an individual to keep a weapon in the home, the court has avoided all cases that might clarify if that right is more expansive.