CNA Financial

CNA Financial, the seventh-largest commercial insurer in the United States, reveals that in March 2021, it was the target of a ransomware attack and had paid $40 million to a group named Phoenix two weeks after a trove of company data was stolen, and CNA officials were locked out of their network. The CNA hackers used malware called Phoenix Locker, a variant of ransomware dubbed "Hades." Hades was created by a Russian cybercrime syndicate known as Evil Corp., according to cybersecurity experts. In December 2019, the Treasury Department announced sanctions on 17 individuals and six entities linked to Evil Corp. The designation by the Treasury Department made it illegal for a U.S. company to knowingly pay a ransom to Evil Corp.

It is revealed that documents and patient records have already been leaked online from the Irish Health Service Executive ransomware cyberattack. These files were offered by the "ContiLocker Team", believed to be related to be the "Wizard Spider" group from Eastern Europe, as samples to prove that they had confidential information. The 27 files include personal records of 12 individuals, including admissions records and laboratory results. The group claims to have stolen 700GB of unencrypted files from the Irish health service, including patient and employee information, contracts, financial statements and payroll records.

Vincent van Gogh

New York art collector Stuart Pivar says that he has rediscovered a long-lost Vincent van Gogh masterpiece titled "Auvers, 1890" at an auction. The painting is being sent to the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam because they have requested to see it and authenticate it. The painting, which is signed on the back as "Vincent" and dated 1890, is a 36" by 36" square panorama of the valley of Auvers-sur-Oise, showing its mosaic of wheat fields bisected by a railway line. The painting also bears the label of art collector Jonas Netter. If authenticated, the work would be van Gogh's largest painting and his only painting in a square format.